Pricetable 9 Seater 13 Seater Taxi Hourly Rates

A 9 or 13-seater Mr. Maxicab can be an option if you organize a trip or event in Singapore that calls for comfortable transportation for a big group. These comfortable and roomy vehicles are best for family holidays, group outings, corporate functions, and airport transfers. To successfully budget with your demands, it is vital to comprehend the hourly charges for these Mr. Maxcabs taxies. So, in this article, we will tell you about 

9-Seater Maxicab Hourly Rates!

The cost of a 9-seater maxicab in Singapore can change depending on your needs if you want a more luxurious experience or are planning a special occasion. These rates frequently include perks like leather seats, Wi-Fi, and complimentary refreshments. Some service providers provide affordable extended hourly packages for long trips starting at 3 hours and going up to full-day reservations. Be aware of potential extra fees, such as waiting times, airport pickups, or late-night reservations, and always ask your preferred service provider for a clear breakdown of expenses.

Cost For 9-Seater Mr. Maxicab:

Mr. Maxicabs provides affordable and transparent pricing for their 9-seater minibus services in Singapore. You can take advantage of the ease of their 9-seater minibus for a hassle-free one-way transfer or departure for just $65. Their airport pick-up service is offered for $75 if you need a pleasant transport after landing at the airport. Mr. Maxicabs offers hourly bookings for the 9-seater minibus, with options for 3 hours at $180 or 8 hours at $480, for individuals wishing to tour the city at their own pace. Thanks to their reasonable rates and wide range of service alternatives, you can rely on Mr. Maxicabs to suit your transportation needs without breaking the bank. With Mr. Maxicabs, bid hidden fees farewell and welcome to a stress-free, cost-effective ride.

Hourly Rates for a 13-Seater Maxicab!

The 13-seater maxicab is an excellent option for bigger groups or occasions that require even more space. These vehicles have similar pricing to the 9-seater maxicabs and are made to transport larger groups comfortably:

13-Person Minivan Pricing:

  • One-Way Transfer/Departure: A 13-seater minibus one-way transfer or departure is $75.
  • Airport Pick-Up (Arrival): A 13-seater minibus to transport you to the airport costs $85.
  • Hourly Booking (3 Hours): The cost for an hourly booking of a 13-seater minibus is $195 for a minimum of 3 hours.
  • Hourly Booking (8 Hours): A 13-seater minibus will cost you $520 if you need an extended hourly booking for up to 8 hours.

These costs could change depending on the service provider and particular needs. Checking the pricing with the service provider is a good idea when making a reservation.

Booking Your Maxicab:

It’s critical to give the service provider all relevant information when reserving a 9 or 13-seater maxicab, including the date, time, and length of your trip and any unique needs or demands you may have. This information will enable them to provide you with a precise price and guarantee your group a comfortable and convenient trip.

To ensure a dependable and secure experience, it’s also a good idea to read reviews and look into the reputation of the maxicab service provider.  

In conclusion, knowing the hourly prices and making reservations in advance can help you plan your transportation efficiently, whether traveling with a minor party in a 9-seater maxicab or a bigger group in a 13-seater maxicab. Enjoy your trip to Singapore in the comfort and convenience of a roomy Mr. Maxicab.

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