Rent Vehicle

Yes, The moment you place your booking, you will receive a booking confirmation with the driver details. Once you have received the details. You are ASSURED of the vehicle.

Our team of drivers will send you a courtesy sms 15 minutes prior scheduled pick up time to let you know that the vehicle has arrived. If in the case of an unforeseen circumstances like an accident, the call center will dispatch a replacement vehicle to you. As the call centers are operating 24 hours and they are tracking the vehicles locations via GPS. Hence your vehicle will never fail to turn up.

Additional charges only comes in when there is an additional pick up or drop off point. Or Customers fails to be at the lobby ready to move off at the appointed time. This will result in waiting time charges of $10 for every 15 minutes block.


  • Cash
  • Paypal
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque

We accept Cash payment. You may make payment through Paypal on our Paypal online booking form. Should you require to pay on the spot with a credit card please let us know while making your booking, we will make the neccessary arrangments. We accept Bank Transfer/ Cheque payments for corporate jobs.

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