Mr.Maxicab: Best Maxi Cab Service in Singapore

9/13 Seater Mini

Best Price For You

  • Airport Arrival Dwpu SGD 80.00
  • Airport Departure SGD 70.00
  • One Way Transfer SGD 65.00
  • Hourly Booking P/HR SGD 65.00 
  • (Minimum 3 Hours Required)
  • Transfer service can accommodate 2 Bicycle
  • SGD 65.00
  • Seating Capacity:

  13 Passenger With Some Hand Carry

  9 Passenger With 7 Large Sized Luggages (30″)

  7 Passengers With 1 Wheelchair Bound

Additional Services ( Optional )
  • Midnight Surcharge SGD 10.00
    ( 2300Hrs – 0600Hrs )
  • Baby Seat – SGD 20.00
  • Bulky Item – Please message us for a Quote.

Mercedes Viano
7 Seater

Best Price For You

  • Airport Arrival Dwpu SGD 70.00
  • Airport Departure SGD 60.00
  • One Way Transfer SGD 55.00
  • Hourly Booking P/HR SGD 55.00 
  • (Minimum 3 Hours Required)
  • Transfer service can accommodate 2 Bicycle
  • SGD 65.00 
  • Seating Capacity:
    7 Passengers/ 7 Mid Sized Luggages (22″)
    5 Passengers/ 5 Large Sized Luggages (30″)
Additional Services ( Optional )
  • Midnight Surcharge SGD 10.00
    ( 2300Hrs – 0600Hrs )
  • Baby Seat – SGD 20.00

Toyota Alphard / Vellfire
6 Seater Premium

Best Price For You

  • Airport Arrival Dwpu SGD 75.00
  • Airport Departure  SGD 65.00
  • One Way Transfer SGD 60.00
  • Hourly Booking P/HR  SGD 60.00
  • (Minimum 3 Hours Required )
  • Seating Capacity:
    4 Passengers/ 4 Mid Sized Luggages (22″)
    6 Passengers/ 4 Cabin Sized Luggages (19″)
Additional Services ( Optional )
  • Midnight Surcharge SGD 10.00
    ( 2300Hrs – 0600Hrs )
  • Baby Seat – SGD 20.00

23 Seater Coach

Best Price For You

  • Airport Arrival SGD 120.00
  • Airport Departure SGD 110.00
  • One Way Transfer SGD 100.00
  • Hourly Booking P/HR SGD 90.00 
  • (Minimum 4 Hours Required)
  • Seating Capacity:
    23 Pax  without Luggages
Additional Services ( Optional )
  • Midnight Surcharge SGD 30.00
    ( 2300Hrs – 0600Hrs )

40 Seater Coach

Best Price For You

  • Airport Arrival SGD 160.00
  • Airport Departure SGD 150.00 
  • One Way Transfer SGD 140.00 
  • Hourly Booking P/HR SGD 130.00
  • (Minimum 5 Hours Required)
Additional Services ( Optional )
  • Midnight Surcharge SGD 30.00
    ( 2300Hrs – 0600Hrs )

About Mr Maxi Cab

With our Motto ” Driven To Serve” being placed in the middle of our logo, reiterates our stand on providing exemplary service standards to our customers. The 2 green lines represents the journey our customers takes with us from starting point to end point. Its from left to right, In fengshui pretext, this represents good luck for both our customers and Mr Maxi Cab. From a color psychology perspective, purple promote harmony of the mind and the emotions, contributing to mental balance and stability, peace of mind, a link between the spiritual and the physical worlds, between thought and activity.

Why Should Mr. Maxi Cab Be Your Top Choice?

Make a reservation with Mr. Maxicab.

Booking a minibus or maxi cab ride with Mr. Maxi Cab Booking Singapore is a breeze. You can easily make a reservation through our website or call us. What else? Regarding pricing, we are entirely transparent, so there will be no surprises. Furthermore, our dedicated customer support team is always accessible to assist you with any questions or specific requirements. With Mr. Maxicab Booking, reserving a cab for your journey can be easy.

Our Services

Airport Transfer

No more stress of hailing a cab or dealing with parking problems when handling your transfers. Our swift and efficient airport transfers are available to and from Changi Airport.

Corporate Events

Set a lasting professional image with our upscale corporate transportation services. Count on us for a smooth journey with our experienced chauffeurs and top-rate vehicles, sure to impress your clients or colleagues.

City Tours

Fancy a tour of Singapore without the navigation difficulties? Our adept drivers can show you the city on time, pointing out the prime attractions and landmarks.

Special Occasions

Any special moment, whether a wedding, birthday party, or family gathering, deserves a celebration with Mr. Maxi Cab. Our roomy vehicles are primed for group celebrations to help make your special day unforgettable.

School Events

We acknowledge the crucial need for secure and trustworthy transportation for school events. Equipped to cater to the needs of students and teachers alike, our vehicles are perfect for field trips, competitions, and much more.

Vacation Terminal Transfers

Our cruise terminal transfer services make it easy to begin and conclude your cruise holiday. We guarantee a safe and timely ride to and from the cruise terminal.

Mr Maxi Cab Best Deals and Travel Booking Services

Hourly & Daily Charters

At times the situation arises when you need to go to a few locations, have more than one drop off point, require the vehicle to wait for you…

Best Maxicab Deals

Probably the best deal for a seven seater maxicab in Singapore. Priced at an afforable flat rate of $ 65 with no other hidden charges*..

Mini bus for charter

MrMaxicab’s services does not just confine to tourist or for locals/expats who are travelling in/out or around Singapore…

Singapore To Legoland

If you are planning a journey from Singapore to Malaysia or vice versa for a hassle-free and enjoyable Malaysia transfer...

Singapore Airport Transfer

Tourism is one of the main booming industries in Singapore. We welcome up to 1 million visitors every year…

Airport Departure

We provide departure transfer services to Changi/Seletar & Senai Airport.
We are always on time.

One Way Transfer

Do you need a big taxi for a single one way transfer from Point A to Point B? We have the solution for you…

Bulky Item Transfer

Just bought items from Ikea? Or you are shifting to a new room today and the movers didnt turn up?…

We Know

We operate 24/7 even on weekends and Public Holidays. Whenever you need us, we will be there to serve you with Maxi Cab & Minibus Charter Singapore range of services.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A Maxi Cab can generally fit up to 7 or 9 passengers, but it depends on you and your group because we provide 7, 9, and 13 seater cabs and minibuses. It is best to contact the MaxiCab service provider to find the precise capacity.

A MaxiCab is a more roomy and pleasant cab than a standard taxi, and you can adjust more luggage or accommodate larger groups of people in our Maxi cabs. It’s an excellent option for big groups, families, or travellers with additional luggage.

To reserve a 6 seater or any other carb, just go to our website and select the “Book Now” option. Enter the location of pick-up and drop-off, choose the type of vehicle you want, and like any extra services you might require by following the prompts. You’re all set once you finish booking and provide the necessary information!

At Mr Maxi Cab, we provide a range of cabs to meet your demands and passenger requirements, including maxi cabs with 6 seats, 7 seats, and more excellent capacity vehicles. You can choose the cab that best fits your group’s size and needs during the reservation procedure.

Additional fees for additional services can depend on which extra services you want to take. You can indicate any different needs throughout the reservation process, and the system will figure out the overall price, including any necessary extras. Check the booking summary for an easy-to-understand breakdown of costs and further details.

It is possible to cancel a reservation; however, please see our cancellation policy for information on potential fees and refund terms. Our website contains information about our cancellation policy, and our customer service representatives are here to answer any questions.

To make a 13 Seater maxicab reservation, visit our website and select “Book Now.” Choose the 13 seater option, enter your pick-up and drop-off locations, and finish the reservation procedure. You can amend your reservation to reflect any unique preferences or the extra services you may need.

You can email or call our customer support team for help or questions. Our staff is here to assist you at all times, 24/7.

To reserve a 7 seater cab, go to our website and select “Book Now.” Proceed with the instructions, provide your pick-up and drop-off locations, choose the 7 seater option, and complete your reservation. Please feel free to modify your ride throughout the booking process if you have any special needs.

For large group transportation, booking a 40 seater coach or 23 seater bus can be comfortable for your group. You should select the cabs or minibuses by adjusting your group. Customise your booking as needed, and our reliable service will ensure an easy and comfortable journey for your large group.

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